Thought I’d give you all a laugh here’s me in our new uniform yes my hair’s a mess and I have my slippers on these are not part of the uniform ?.

Unfortunately these face guards when breathing keep steaming up and wouldn’t create a very good colour or hair cut. My dad luckily has a 3D printer so he printing us some. He’s a goodun.

So the next week or two is salon sort out!! I’ve spent weeks and weeks thinking of the best thing to do for my amazing staff and clients on how’s best to keep everyone safe. I finally decided to go for it even if these procedures aren’t in place when it’s time to open, i want to do them anyway as this will make everyone feel safer.

I’m doing a few things to touch up and make the salon gorgeous, deep deep clean and then it screen time.
I’ll keep you updated with working progress on our story and I’ll post a final picture!

Stay safe

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