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Here is mine. I hated school always used to skive and get drunk in the back of park! After my exams I really wanted to go into mechanics at collage yes me getting all dirty only coz I was sick of my mum n her friends saying they felt like they ripped them off n they didn’t feel safe going into a garage wen they had no idea about cars ! Well them days a girl couldn’t do that course so my mum said why dnt you try hairdressing I looked n said ha ha yer rite a shy girl like me I dnt think so ! Anyway I did and I loved every minute of it I started at a salon in Barton the boss was a right dragon n she nearly put me off it then I went to hair by peter he built my confidence back up shaking like a leaf every cut I did we used to laugh about it I was there 18 years always fun even went in 1 day n shampooed his first client n ended up fully wetting every stylist there from the power ov the shower I could off cried but they all looked and just laughed so I just did the same he new then I was a keeper. Then finally made the move to go on to bigger place the bank hairdressing ! Well wot a wrong choice that was coz I love every1 there n we all have a good laugh I fit in so well and it’s coming up to 5 years naw sometimes they drive me to drink but have had amazing times n more to come

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