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I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, still don’t! But I knew I wanted to leave my home town, Scunthorpe.
As I was preparing to leave school, with no direction to my life, the Royal Navy seemed to be the answer. What better way to see the world and learn a new skill? But unfortunately, the response I got from friends and family, was just laughter and the question “what do you want to do that for?”
Due to my lack of confidence at that time, I was quickly convinced, the Navy was a stupid idea. But I still longed to get out of Scunthorpe. So still with no direction in my life, I following my friends. I enrolled at John Leggott College and selected a cousre. “GNVQ Leisure and Tourism”. I look back on that moment in my life and often wonder, what was I thinking? What was I hoping to do with that random qualification!? As I finished college I found myself in a relationship. This prompted me to get a job asap. I grabbed the first thing that came along. Hello Ericsson, Scunthorpe.
5 years later, I’m still working for the same people, staring at a computer screen, board! I knew I had to change my life. I still wanted to travel…
That was it, I could become a beauty therapist and work anywhere in the world with that qualification. So, in 2002, I enrolled and started my career as a beauty therapist.
During those 18 years as a beauty therapist, I did manage to leave Scunthorpe. For 3 years I live at Melton Mowbray, while I worked at Ragdale Hall. Then for 2 years I lived in Ibiza, as a mobile beauty therapist, having the time of my life.
the best part about my job, is the people I’ve met and yet to meet along the way And I always class myself as being very lucky. I’ve always found myself in jobs, working among amazing people. And at The Bank Hairdressing, I feel I’m amongst family
The only thing I’ve ever hated about my job, lucky it doesn’t apply working at The Bank Hairdressing, is white uniforms! Traditionally, a beauty therapist is expected to wear white uniforms. Me in white’s It isn’t a good look. 

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