Home Hair Dye and Patch Testing

Home Hair Dye and Patch Testing

Home Hair Dye and Patch Testing

During these unknown times we know some of you who are still having to work are going to want to reach for the home box dye.

All we can do is advise you against it.

Doing this has the potential to hinder your next hair appointment in salon and also risk damaging your hair. When we colour hair in salon we can intermix shades to bespoke your colour but also most importantly adapt the developer we use.
So box dyes usually contain 12%. They do this so no matter what hair type/ colour it’s going onto you will get some form of result. (Not always a good one) so if your hair is naturally weaker using 12% on this will cause slot of damage! I may use 4% on one client and 9% on another client.

If after reading that then you still need to reach for a colour we can’t advise you on what colour to use but what we can say is please PATCH TEST!!

This needs to be done up to 48hrs

Before the colour application.

Just because you’ve had a colour In salon it doesn’t mean that you won’t have an allergic reaction.

Salon colours and home dyes contain completely different ingredients.

We use Wella in our salon.

The newly reformulated Kp ME+ range is PPD and PTD free and and Color Touch is Ammonia Free.

You can develop an allergy at any time and it’s not very nice as one of our friends recently found out..

He decided to do a home colour and had a very serious reaction.

Initially he was fine then within 24hrs his scalp was weeping, itching, stinging and burning. Then day by day his head and face started to swell. He had to have a 3 night stay in hospital hooked up to a drip of steroids to try and reduce his symptoms. His face swelled that much that his eyes were completely closed he couldn’t see a thing. He spent days hoping that he wouldn’t go blind or have lasting effects. Overall the reaction lasted 2 weeks but still now he has scabs on his scalp. He was very very lucky and I don’t think he will be making that mistake again.

So please try and leave your colours alone until we can re-open. But if you really can’t wait then PLEASE PATCH TEST.

Take Care and Stay Safe
Lucy an the team

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