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During school i worried so much about what i wanted to do, at first i was thinking of doing physiotherapy/rehabilitation but doing hairdressing was always in the back of my mind because my mum is a hairdresser and when i was younger i spent most of my time after school at the salon she worked it watching and kind of helping out (probably making more mess). I went to leeds for a weekend with my nan and we was talking about what i was going to do once i left school as it was coming around so quick and i realised that physiotherapy/rehabilitation wasn’t for me. I then decided that i wanted to do hairdressing about a week later i went into The Bank for my hair done with Connor (i was very quiet at that point and didn’t really speak) and he told me about the apprenticeship and i thought it would be a good idea to apply because everyone seemed so lovely. I then had an interview with Lucy and Fran and i’d never been more nervous. Luckily i got the apprenticeship and began to learn more while watching and helping the stylists, i made some of the best friendships and i’ve become more confident since i’ve been working at The Bank, i’ve been working at the bank for nearly a year now and i couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else now. The best team.

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