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Since a really young age I’ve always wanted to do hairdressing it’s always been my passion, I knew deep down I was going to do hairdressing and I was prepared for it not to be easy getting there and I had never worked or had any experience before The Bank so I was even more worried because I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it but I’m glad I’m sticking with it because I couldn’t be happier. I was very stressed through school because I wasn’t the brightest and found it hard to really focus, but ever since I got the apprenticeship my whole attitude towards working and focusing has changed for the better! I love watching the stylists work, it really interests me and inspires me to be like them one day! I love work and actually couldn’t imagine myself working anywhere else I’ve grown so close to the people at The Bank and I’m so happy at where I am right now and so far I’ve come already as the training is amazing thanks to the whole team!! I’ve loved the almost 1 year at The Bank already!

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